"Discover How This 1-Ounce Shot Of 66 SuperFoods Could Be A Huge Nightmare For Toxins Linked To Rapid Aging, Aches & Pains, Fatigue, Immune System Issues And More!" *

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But First… Let Me Ask You:

Are you tired of feeling like your energy is running on fumes?

Are aches and pains stopping you from doing what you want to do?

Are you finally realizing that you’re more vulnerable to disease because your immune system can’t do its job?

Are you constantly worried or stressing about things that perhaps did not affect you in the past?

In short, you’re SICK AND TIRED of being sick and tired, and you just want
to remember what it feels like to be truly HEALTHY again, right?

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When you go to the doctor and you’re sick and suffering, you’re AFRAID... You put your TRUST in them, because you TRUST they know what’s best for you…

What’s the first thing they do?

They Give You MEDS.¹

Because your doctor only knows what they have been trained in... Got headaches? There’s a drug for that. Can’t sleep? There’s a drug for that. Heck, even the American Psychiatric Association is now considering shyness as a disorder – a condition, of course, treatable with drugs…!²


And maybe your SYMPTOMS get better, maybe they don’t.

Well, there’s good news because you’re NOT alone in this.

The $300 Billion dollar pharmaceutical industry should tell you that much!

Not By A Long Shot!

And… it’s expected to rise to $400 Billion in just 3 years!³ So no - it’s NOT just you. This is PROOF that as a society, we are getting sicker and sicker.* We’re sprinting in the WRONG direction!

And it’s because they keep trying to treat your SYMPTOMS, but they aren’t treating YOU, the human.*

But all the ailments out there, all the chronic diseases and issues that arise from inflammation in your body…*

They all stem from ONE MAIN ISSUE, you’ve probably seen it in the news.

YOUR BODY MAY BE GETTING ATTACKED BY FREE RADICALS (the bad ones) and it may not be getting the proper nutrients it needs to remain in a healthy state (the good ones).

And Your Body May Be Deficient in the Nutrients It Needs to Keep You Healthy.⁴ª

IT IS REALLY That Simple.

Hi, Franklin VanOs here, founder of Feel Great 365 Nutrition… Take a look at THIS guy. That was me around 44. And perhaps like you, my body was screaming for help, and I knew something regarding my health needed to change.

I was 44 years old, and my body was physically run-down. I was tired every day. And just by looking at my face, you can see the state of my health. I was what I liked to call the “think I’m healthy” guy…

I might have LOOKED reasonably healthy on the outside, but on the inside… My body had a lot of inflammation. I became a walking cesspool of toxins. - and they were getting trapped inside my body. (‘free radicals’ is a fancy term for toxins)

And then something happened…

At the age of 45, I found out I was going to be a first-time DAD. I was having a SON! And my first thoughts weren’t of excitement... but of panic: I thought - “How can I possibly raise a kid when I’m feeling so sick and tired”?

And that literally scared me healthy…

I buried myself in nutrition, night and day. I was OBSESSED. I learned everything about food, nutrients, things that my doctors never told me. For years, I had been eating according to the Food Pyramid, and I FINALLY understood why I was so sick and tired…

And YES - there IS a formula for better health...*

I stopped eating the BAD foods - the processed foods that had more additives than nutrients (I have a list of the good and bad foods in a recent book I wrote).

I Started Eating the GOOD -

Like fresh, CLEAN whole foods that were organic.

And I bridged the gap with high-quality supplementation to give my body plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. When you understand the VITAL role that nutrients play in your health, and you consume the adequate amount into your body in the RIGHT way…

Your body has a hard time getting inflamed.

You could take control of the fatigue that hits you ½ way through your day…

But there were no truly high-quality nutritional supplements that gave me everything I KNEW my body needed.

Supplement companies would either add fillers, cut corners and cheapen the product, or put it into the usual “pill” form which RARELY absorb into your system… and often still treat the SYMPTOM (weight loss, etc.)

So when I created Feel Great 365, my goal was to create a company that made this never-before seen kind of nutrition simple, effective, powerful, and easily accessible to you.*

We wanted to combine all the things your body needs into an easy to take one-ounce super shot, so that you can QUICKLY get some nutrition and get on with your day (and your life)!*

And that’s exactly what we did when formulating our PREMIUM liquid super shot*, which we call:

“Daily Boost”

Each shot of Daily Boost that you consume contains over 66 Essential Superfood ingredients that are on a “fast-track” to helping you feel better.*

Because Daily Boost is scientifically formulated as a LIQUID supplement, it could out perform EVERY SINGLE pill, capsule, and gummy supplement on the market...

And here’s some shocking facts: (and prepare to be SHOCKED, and a little angry):

Only 5-18% of the nutrients found
in capsules are absorbable!

There’s NO WAY in your right mind that you’d continue purchasing nutrients of ANY kind knowing that they aren't as effective as they could be!

Up to 95% of vitamins in liquid form
can be absorbed by your body!

Because pills, capsules and gummies don’t dissolve quickly enough, they get pushed along with the other waste through your system¹⁰, instead of accepted INTO your bloodstream.

BUT with Daily Boost, your body could absorb a whopping 95-98% of its liquid nutrients - the HIGHEST absorption rate that we’ve ever found on the market…

ALL 66 SUPER INGREDIENTS COULD BE INSTANTLY REFILLING YOUR NUTRIENT TANK - in ONE easy to take super shot…* which is WAY more convenient from every angle…


FACT: You could end up taking 28 different types of pills, and STILL not get the same quantity (or quality) nutrients into your body as you would with a 1 oz shot of Daily Boost!

Which Would You Rather Take?

Daily Boost makes it SO convenient and easy for you to get 66 VITAL Super-Ingredients you need to take your health, energy and positive mindset to the next level*… including:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vanadium
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Zinc
  • Ginseng
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Copper
  • Green Tea
  • Vitamin B3
  • Manganese
  • Milk Thistle
  • Vitamin B9
  • Magnesium
  • Echinacea
  • Vitamin D
  • Selenium
  • Resveratrol
  • Vitamin E
  • L-Glutamine
  • Acai Berry
  • Calcium
  • L-Leucine
  • Goji Berry
  • Chromium
  • L-Valine
  • and more!

If you were to purchase these individually, you’re looking at spending $8 per day!

That’s a whopping $240 every month!

And that’s if you aim for the cheapest supplements, which undoubtedly have the most fillers and additives!¹¹

The truth is, you can consume a wide variety of organic produce - BUT - Organic or not…

if the minerals are not in the earth,
they’re just not in the earth¹¹ª

That’s Why It's Unlikely That You Can Get All Of Your Nutrients From Food Alone!!¹²

On a nutritional level, you might be getting 15% of what your body actually NEEDS from your food!¹³ That’s a scary thought!
That’s a HUGE gap between the foods that you are eating, and the amount of nutrition that your body truly requires!

Are you starting to understand WHY you feel the way you do?

Here’s where your body is running into it’s main issue…

You need at least 10,000 antioxidant units a day to THRIVE (the longest lived people on earth live in areas called the “blue zones”, they get a whopping 100,000 ORAC A DAY!)¹⁴ just so that you could get around without pain and inflammation.

What if on average, you were only getting about 1,500 antioxidant units daily?

That would likely put you in a MAJOR deficit every single day!…*

This is why you should bridge your “food gap” with a shot of DAILY BOOST!

1oz Shot of Daily Boost is Equal To These Nutrients*:

(Picture this: to get the same amount of nutrients in just 1 Bottle of Daily Boost,
you’d need to spend a MONTHLY budget of $5,610.30 on food!)

In fact, the entire field of medicine and doctors’ prescription drugs should be re-evaluated in light of the mounting clinical evidence behind the special ingredients inside my advanced Daily Boost formula.*

For the very first time, this amazing supplement is being made available to you in the breakthrough Daily Boost formula. And this unique healthy gift, Daily Boost, is now yours to try without risk. Daily Boost will help your body absorb the nutrients it needs* to produce the exact results you’ve been looking for, or it's FREE.

Just give it a fair shot!

Designed to help control your weight while maintaining a balanced, healthy state for your body, supporting heart health and decreasing the possibility of annoying stomach problems, indigestion, cardiovascular episodes, plus decrease dangerous triglyceride levels, and more!¹³ª

If we’re wrong, it’s yours for FREE…

Additional Benefits of “Daily Boost”:

Regulate Your
Blood Sugar¹³ª

‘Daily Boost’ may help break down build up of fecal matter by gently helping clean your intestinal tract!*

Helps With Your
Heart Problem¹³ª

The number of American adults with one or more heart disease conditions has grown by an astounding 300%!¹⁵ That’s why the potential additional support you give to your heart while enjoying Daily Boost may prove to be an invaluable bonus…*

Helps You With
Indigestion Relief¹³ª

By drinking Daily Boost, you help optimize your body’s digestion and nutrient absorption so that you get the blood sugar regulating and heart boosting ingredients delivered exactly where and when you need them.¹³ª

What else can Daily Boost do for you?

Acts as an “alkaline” agent to balance acid levels.*
Too much acid in your stomach is a problem, as is too little acid.¹⁶ Daily Boost helps your stomach find its natural balance or “pH.”*

Reduces harmful H. pylori bacteria.¹⁶ª
These bacteria injure your gut and are responsible for 90% of ulcers.¹⁷ Daily Boost helps prevent H. pylori from sticking to your stomach lining so it can be flushed from your body.*

Help clean the gastrointestinal tract.*
Daily Boost helps sweeps your intestines clean – helping to remove toxins and improving regularity.*

Promotes a more favorable intestinal bacteria balance.*
Your gut should contain 85% good bacteria and 15% harmful bacteria¹⁸ but if you’re like many Americans this ratio is reversed. Daily Boost has a “prebiotic” effect, supporting the growth of beneficial or “good” bacteria in your gut.*

So… with all of these incredible and life-changing benefits, how much would you expect to pay for your very own supply of the mental focus and cardiovascular system improving, energy supplying, free-radical fighting, immunity boosting, food craving controlling Daily Boost Multi-Nutrient and Mineral Complex?*

When You Take Action Right Now, You’ll Get Your Hands On A Full Bottle of Daily Boost In This Special Offer…
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What People Are Saying About Our Daily Boost :

“I've grown weary of taking 6-10 pills over the course of a day, especially because I know that such a low percentage of the supplement is absorbed into my system when taken in pill form.
Since shifting to Daily Boost, I can really feel the difference. I get deeper, more restful sleep. I am more alert during the day than ever before.
Previous bone and joint injuries that used to bother me consistently (both at rest and during exercise), have subsided dramatically.”*

- J. Thompkins -

“I had blood work done shortly before starting use and again after 2 months of use.
My sugar levels were down (a1c went from 9.9 to 6.9), cholesterol and triglycerides were down and my blood pressure was better as well. Cravings for late night snacks went away and I lost 20 pounds.”*

- Terry Moore -

“It is the most CONVENIENT way I've found to get the supplements I need in just one simple shot! I noticed my energy level increased and I can keep going and going when I exercise.
There have been a few times I ran out of the product and just feel blah, cause I'm not getting my essential vitamins absorbed in my system as it's used to.”*

- Alissa Lewis -

“When my 25 year old son was diagnosed with testicular cancer, my first thought was NUTRITION. Then we found out that surgery had not captured all of this particularly aggressive "Germ Cell" type of cancer and it had spread to four lymph nodes in his back. I went into WARRIOR mode and during his equally aggressive chemotherapy, I did a massive amount of research on vitamins and supplements.
My son had a 3 month regimen of chemo treatments and one of each 3 week sessions was a particularly harsh and damaging chemo. We ended up rushing him to the E.R. 3 times and he ended up with about 10 blood clots in his lungs. They withdrew the last 2 weeks of chemo because his body was shutting down. But now for the good news.
When he came home to start the recovery process, I immediately started administering the Daily Boost liquid multivitamin. He is now cancer free, has energy to spare, has his gorgeous thick, dark hair back, and is celebrating life to its fullest.
His daughter, who will be two in February, 2016 has her daddy back too. Can you just imagine how HUGE our "Grateful" list is this Thanksgiving!!!
I am grateful to God, all of the doctors, nurses, the support and prayers of friends and relatives, and I am grateful for people who strive to produce products that so greatly help our bodies heal. Thank you for playing such an important role in my son's recovery from cancer and the effects of chemo. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!! Our family wishes you a healthy and peaceful 2016. ”*

- kdangel713 -

“As a Medical Clinician in Dermatology we see many manifestations on the skin from poor health and malnutrition. One of the difficult things in treating patients is compliance with medication. The supplement being in liquid form and once a day dosing helps in this issue.
Also, no bad vitamin after-taste. I personally have taken this supplement and was surprised to see how much better I feel after just a few weeks. Even my blood pressure is much lower. I like this product so much I now have my whole family on it. Highly recommend everyone should be on this product.”*

- Chris Towery -

“ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING TIRED ????? The FEEL GREAT 365 daily boost (of only 1oz ea day) is THE REAL DEAL!!!!
Until you try it, you can not believe what you have been missing in your diet for so long.
The company is dedicated to your customer satisfaction, and takes a genuine interest in your journey to better health.
Frank VanOs (CEO of FeelGreat 365) is an amazing gentleman and enthusiastic about DailyBoost.
I am diabetic (type II) and was horribly lethargic and missing vitamins and nutrients in the food available to consumers today.
The food today is not the food our grandparents were accustomed to eating. And unfortunately we are STARVING!
Please do this for your own well being and health.....GIVE FeelGreat 365 daily boost a try. Each bottle lasts for 30 days and for what it does the price is a bargain!! ”*

- JanisKay Rose -

“As a fitness trainer I do a fair amount of research on supplements and have discovered the best way to test a product is to test it on myself. Obviously, the supplement being liquid appealed to me bc the absorption rate cannot be matched in a pill or tablet, and I actually had a conversation with the creator as to where the ingredients came from. That alone made me excited to try the product out because I swear we don't know where anything comes from anymore and 90% of the supplements out there are complete garbage and a total rip off.
Anyway, for the last 7-8 months I have been taking Immunity booster daily and I didn't notice a big difference right away but I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle so I wasn't expecting a huge shift or anything. I committed myself to 60 days since it usually takes 4 or so weeks to really experience a supplement and by week 5 I started to notice considerable changes in my mood, energy and over all well being (nice way to say PMS is vastly better). I have pretty much abandoned many of the other supplements I was taking (can't afford it all) and have made this a priority since the way I felt seemed considerably better. My fiance doesn't love the taste but I don't mind it, we just started the krill since it is known to be the best source of fish oils...I will post on that when I feel like I have something to share.
This and high quality protein are the must haves I recommend to my personal training clients, again, many can't afford to have it all but this is definitely worth my money. So far, made it all winter without getting sick in NYC, that seems like a pretty good sign! ”*

- GetPhysikole -

“I'm a 47 year old workout fanatic, born and raised in Austin, Texas. Up until 17 months ago I thought I had premium health and maximum energy from my body. And then I met Frank Van Os and began taking Feel Great Daily Boost. The changes were unreal. Cut my body fat in half, workout intensity increased, sick days almost completely disappeared, you get the message. If you are ailing from some energy depleting symptom or want to enhance your life's output this product is the bomb. It Changed my life! I've spent many hours discussing Health, Nutrients and Clean Living with Frank and I can assure you he knows what he's talking about.
I've been studying and utilizing supplements for over 30 years and this is hands down the only one that delivers the results I wanted/and more. As another reviewer mentions, you notice it when you've been off the product for a week (in between shipments). My Fiance' takes the Krill Oil and absolutely loves it. Immediate difference in skin and hair softness. Net, net - try this product out if you want to live your life to the fullest from an energy activity perspective. Sincerely, Darren Hutchison - Director of North America Sales Telogis”*

- Darren Hutchison -

“Feel Great 365 or also known as Daily Boost is the REAL DEAL !!!!!!
It is a product that WORKS, really works !!!!
We do NOT get the nutrients that we should get from the foods available to us. This nutritional daily dose is a liquid and therefore absorbs into the body immediately and begins to help our starving bodies. And that is just it. We are literally starving ourselves, because eating the food we eat today lacks the wholesome nutrients food once possessed.
I have tried it and stuck with it and now I can say.......WOW.......you feel so much better!!!!
When your body is getting the essential nutrients it needs, you will definitely feel better. Sugar cravings subside and you are done with feeling tired all the time. It gives you a new outlook on your health and you feel like doing whatever you can to turn yourself around physically.
Try it.....you will never be sorry you did. ”*

- Doris Hutchins -

“As a former kinesiology & health major, I think this is a fantastic product. It's easy to take and has really everything you need when looking for vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants (don't forget about the importance of minerals).
Also, considering this is a daily investment into your long-term health, the overall cost is worth it. Most of us easily spend at least a few dollars on coffee each morning. Why not spend money on your health with product like this that could prevent trips to the doctor or spending money on medicine.
Taking this with the Super Krill is the way to go. The combination of the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants from the Daily Boost combined with the omega 3 from the krill (when taking supplements, I prefer getting my omega 3's from the krill instead of fish oil supplements) is the combo I see lacking from too many people that are not getting the nutrition they need.
I'm currently in my 4th month, and I already have noticed increased energy. But I'm more so looking forward to month 6 and beyond. Our bodies take about 180 days to replenish/renew our blood supply. If you do try this product, I highly suggest trying it for at least 6 months (and make sure you do your best to take it daily to feel the full effects). Another thing I see too often is people starting a change to a healthier lifestyle but then giving up far too soon before they feel and see the benefits themselves.
Best of luck to everyone and way to go Feel Great 365 for providing great products. ”*

- John Simon -

“I have personally funded the vitamin market having tried absolutely everything out there. I knew we do not get all that we need to from our food and have bought so many vitamin supplements, its ridiculous. A friend asked me to try this. I was skeptical. It "sounds" good but until you try it, you don't know. I have been taking Immunity Booster for a few months now and hope they never run out of this stuff! I can not rave about it enough. I felt a difference in energy, attitude, mood, anxiety, skin, and overall health AND endurance in exercising in about 2 weeks!
I really recommend that you research this product and compare it to anything, anything else out there. I honestly do not believe there is a purer, more potent liquid vitamin made anywhere. I turned my Dad onto it to (he is about 75) and he feels 45!!! If you are serious about preventive care, taking care of yourself, and being your optimum healthy self, this is for you. I am very, very pleased and will take it the rest of my life. ”*

- JoBelle -

“It was a year ago this month that I decided to take control of my health. Taking Feel Great 365 Immunity Booster and The Feel Great Super Krill for the past year have been part of daily routine along with changing my diet. The results have been outstanding! The first thing that I noticed was how much more energy I have and how much better I feel in general. I have not even had a cold in the past year.
Feel Great 365 and a good diet have resulted in my blood pressure medications being cut in half, my cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose brought down to an extremely healthy level. Feel Great 365 Immunity Booster also helps with my cravings which has helped me keep off all the weight that I have lost. If you want to feel better and be healthier, give it a try. Update to my review : just recently had my annual physical . My doctor was amazed how much my blood work had improved in the last year since I have been taking Feel Great 365. I am down to three prescriptions from 8! It is amazing how much my health has benefitted from this product. ”*

- Frank P. -

Daily Boost: Nature's gift for newfound health!*

Designed to reduce food cravings, support cardiovascular health, help with headaches and annoying stomach problems, help control blood sugar and MUCH MORE*, or it's FREE!

And now for the very first time, you can use the support of free-radical fighting, energy and mental focus enhancing, immunity boosting, & cholesterol-fighting secret of health conscious ‘people-in-the-know’…*

The high concentrations of active ingredients found in Daily Boost are true health gifts.*

Remember What Daily Boost could do for you¹³ª...

Supports Heart Health*

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels*

Increases Your Energy*

Fights Acid Reflux, Heartburn*

Fights Gas and Indigestion*

Reduces Diabetes Risk*

Alleviates Joint Pain*

You have absolutely nothing to lose. So why not order today?

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